Common Sense Ideas to Building a Better Body

You know it is amazing to the kind of rubbish the fitness industry is spouting nowadays and the magic pills, powders and snake oil on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and even health shops. It is incredible how unscrupulous some supplement manufacturers can be. I knew a guy, Personal trainer who worked for a well supplement label who left them recently because they were ‘cutting’ their product with powdered milk like they were drugs dealers or something. Don’t believe me? Doesn’t matter unless you can answer me this, ‘How can we think we can trick a body that has evolved over millions of years with some powder or pill that some nutjob cooked up is his basement, stuck a pretty label on it and abracadabra, instant Arnold’.I not saying don’t trust anyone, just consider the source. Look for research that can be justified scientifically, like the research done, for example by Dr. Michael Colgan of the Colgan institute. He is all about the science and he is brutally honest which I like. Also remember that you are unique so use the advice of others but also listen to your body. Remember to stay as natural as possible, we are creatures with a stone age body and a 21st century mind so don’t be blown away by some steroid using bodybuilding magazine chump with messed up kidneys and on the brink of a imminent heart condition. Also remember the little magazine trick of ‘Air Brushing and Computer Enhancement’. Magazines cannot be trusted.

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So in conclusion, if you find someone who has succeeded in getting the body you would like and-1. Criticizes Health and Fitness magazines,
2. Tells you that most supplements a load of rubbish.
3. Tells you not to listen the so-called ‘Experts’ who want your money but tell you a load of rubbish.
4. Basically to unlearn all you have learned and start over, I say give your ear because maybe this guy is going to tell you truth, just make sure he is prepared to back up his/her claims with a guarantee. If their method works so well they will not be afraid to back it up.If the old way is not working for you then it is time to try something new. Just keep the mind of a skeptic. Now, just to clarify, a cynic is a person who puts ideas or information down because it makes him feel better about himself /herself due to the fact he/she can’t think of something better or more useful to say. Stay away from such people. A skeptic on the other hand is a person who simply bases him/her judgment on the evidence put before them in a logical, objective manner, listen to this person. Just use your common sense and look and listen to what the person from whom you seek advice on a health and fitness program has to offer. Examine their history, claims and remember because it is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is any good so don’t be afraid to hunt for a bargain and even for a few bonuses because, you know what, you deserve it. Don’t believe that, ‘You get what you Pay for rubbish’.