The Secrets to Building a Better Body – Correct Nutrition

In a previous article on ‘The secrets to building a better body’ I outlined the need for correct form during exercise. In this article I describe the important part that correct nutrition plays in the development of the body that we desire.Correct nutrition.
Again, no big secret here! The growth of your body depends entirely upon what you put into your mouth. If you eat rubbish and processed food then don’t expect your body to respond by developing wonderful muscles. Number one piece of advice here is to EAT CLEAN. I talked above about sticking to the simple exercises. With nutrition, stick to the basic foods. Avoid the complex sauces and flavourings, and avoid over-cooking. You should really be aiming to eat five or six smaller meals a day – this may sound challenging, but with a little fore-thought you can soon develop an effective and workable diet plan. Below is a typical daily menu plan that my wife and I follow throughout our training periods:

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Breakfast Porridge made with skimmed milk, tea, lemon juice, supplements.
Mid-morning Protein shake
Lunch Green salad, rice, chicken
Mid-afternoon Low fat yoghurt mixed with low fat cottage cheese.
Dinner Turkey steak, green salad, jacket potatoes
Before bed Three rice cakes with cottage cheese and pineappleAgain, if you browse through any of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines you could become overwhelmed with the vast array of supplements on offer. Food supplementation is big business, and advertisers will try to sell you the dream. Remember, if you are at the early stages of your training then keep your supplements simple. You must be taking in sufficient vitamins and minerals, so make sure you have daily multivitamin tablets. You will get vitamins from the food you eat, but even the most ‘organic’ produce loses some vitamin content in the preparation procedures. We also take fish oils to provide us with the necessary Omega 3 fatty acids. Protein drinks are also a good idea as they provide the additional protein intake you will need if your muscles are going to grow consistently. We prefer the RTD (‘Ready-to-Drink’) products as we find these more convenient than trying to make up shakes in the morning before leaving for work.

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So eat regularly, and eat clean, but don’t forget a cheat-day! One day a week, eat whatever you want. It does the body good to have the occasional nutritional shock, but you’ll be amazed at how difficult it becomes to actually cheat. During the first few weeks of training, ordering the pizza on your cheat-day or popping down the take-away will seem like a real treat. However, when you really get into your training and nutrition, you will find that junk food becomes less and less appetising, and any cravings will disappear – it’s amazing!